Travel planner

Create your own individual travel itinerary

It’s easy to plan your stay in Appenzell with our new travel planner. For example select a hotel, a restaurant, an excursion destination or an event and create your own itinerary using the selected itinerary points.

This is how it works:

  • Select itinerary points
  • Create travel itinerary
  • Print out or send itinerary
  • Use itinerary on site

You can assess the selected itinerary points with a heart icon. This will give you an overview of which locations are important for your visit to Appenzell.

You can arrange the travel itinerary individually for your stay – either as a daily itinerary or for a stay of several days. Save the itinerary and send it to the other travellers on your trip.

Of course we continue to be at your side to provide advice by e-mail or on the telephone. We look forward to your visit!

«Chönd zonis».