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Here you will find lots of valuable information about the Appenzellerland, arranged by different themes.

Appenzellerland: living traditions.

The Appenzellerland - a realm of genuine hospitality.

In no other region is everyday life so steeped in its historical culture, traditional crafts and hospitality as in the green hills of the Appenzellerland. Throughout the year the people of Appenzell celebrate and commemorate joyful and sorrowful moments in the history of their forefathers and mothers.  

Fact Sheet

A Holiday World In A Class Of Its Own: Small Land, Great Style.


The 69,500 innovative inhabitants of the Appenzellerland are not only endowed with a sharp sense of business, but also with an innate appreciation of art and culture.

Customs and Traditions in the Appenzellerland

A Rich Past – Part of the Present. 


Every year, the Appenzellerland celebrates over 31 high days and holidays. The innumerable official feast days, both traditional and ecclesiastical, symbolise the turbulent history of this tiny land in north-east Switzerland.

Specialities in the Appenzellerland

A Land of Plenty for the Lover of Good Swiss Food.


The people of Appenzell are able to come into their own with some culinary delicacies. Brands that are world famous originate from here together with some innovative niche products.  

Hiking and rambling in the Appenzellerland

Up and down in the Appenzellerland – scenery on the move.


The throne is indisputably occupied by the Säntis, flanked by Altmann and Hoher Kasten. These resounding names point the way. Little Appenzellerland has high hopes!