Appenzeller Dialect


Backnasli   Five-franc piece
Badeieli   Small cider barrel
Bumeranze   Orange
Chääsmageroone   Macaroni cheese with diced potatoes
Chapeli   (Small) chapel, small church
Chönd zonis   Come and see us again
Chöngelibroote   Roast rabbit
Chröömli   Small cookie
Epei   Strawberry
Fenz   Herdsmen's dish made from milk (whey), flour, butter, egg and semolina
Fidibus   Ash tray

someone from the foreign parts, a stranger

Födlebotzpapeie   Toilet paper
Iimehung   Honey
Imbeilatweri   Raspberry jam
Mektig   Wednesday
Öserige   local people from appenzell
Schlipfchääs   Young Appenzeller low-fat cheese
Schmalz   Butter
Stüübe(r)   Intoxication; drunkenness
Täghüfflithee   Rose hip tea
Töbeli   Twenty-franc note
Wedegehnte   Stiffness (muscles)
Zockebolle   Sweet (candy)
z Veschbe(r) esse       Meal in the late afternoon


aadlig   Funny, curious, strange
Äbese   Ant
Bechue   1. Toy cow 2. Term of abuse for a woman
Blauderi   Chatterbox
Chääsblüemli   Daisy; marguerite
chrööpelig   Stomach upset; queasiness
eeding   Whatever
Flickflaude(r)   Butterfly
föchelig   Awful; dreadful, (also used for emphasis)
Goofe   (Well-behaved!) children
Lendaueli   Innerrhoden tobacco pipe
noodlig   Urgent, pressing
ooleig   Impractical, inconvenient, unpleasant
Pfnösl   Head cold
Pföderi   Lively child
Schnattere   Wound, cut
Schnopftuech   Handkerchief
Selewiewädli, wädli     How fast?, fast, swift
Sonnwendlig   Dandelion
Stapfede   Wooden or stone steps (recently also metal) used to climb over fences
weleweg   Probably
wölzgott   Actually, really