Groups without overnight accommodation

Andrea Manser
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Looking for original ideas for your next club or team outing? We offer a wide range of guided tours and group packages, including in English. On a guided tour of Appenzell, for example, you’ll discover lots of interesting information about the area, its people, its customs and its traditions. Visit the famous Appenzell Alpenbitter distillery or the Visitor Centre at the Locher brewery.

With certain activities a translator will be needed, for instance in the «Appenzell Natural Yodelling» package, where you practice singing and music making (including the distinctive Appenzell «Talerschwingen») with a local Appenzell singer, or in the «Biber baking» programme. If need be, we can organise a translator for you.

No matter which package you choose, we’d be delighted to help you in the preparation of a detailed programme. Simply contact us, we’ll be pleased to advise you.