Traditional Costumes

Women’s traditional costumes
The splendid feast day costumes of the women of Innerrhoden is particularly impressive. A finely pleated ankle-length skirt is worn with a «Schlotte» jacket over a velvet bodice with silver filigree clasps and richly decorated bib and a starched blouse. Over the skirt shimmers the long damask apron decorated with hemstitch and beads. The gold-embroidered «Brüechli» (bib) is made from the same material. The pleated, hand-embroidered white jacket collar and matching cuffs are delightful. The headdress is a black pinner with roses on the side and a white lace bonnet, gold cap and carmine-red silk bows between the lace wings of the pinner. The costumes are also adorned with delicate pieces of jewellery that have often been handed down over generations.

However, it is the traditional workday costume that is worn far more frequently by the women of Innerrhoden. The bodice, apron, bib and blouse are similar to the feast day attire but less richly decorated. There is no jacket and normally also no headdress. The skirt is calf-length and the adornments are simpler. Other traditional female costumes include those worn by the unmarried «Täfelimeedle» at Corpus Christi, the «Bareemeltracht» attire, skirt and jacket and the «Kranzrocktracht» (floral skirt attire), which is continually being redesigned along traditional lines.

Men’s traditional costumes
Appenzeller men are most often seen in brown woollen trousers and a short-sleeved, embroidered white herdsman’s shirt. Over this, they wear the red «Liibli», a jacket of silk-embroidered red woollen material with square silver buttons. The decorated braces and watch chain at the waistband add a touch of ornamentation.

The snake-shaped golden earring is typical for Appenzeller men. On feast days and special occasions a golden «Schüefli» (a tiny cream ladle) is added.

On the alpine cattle drives and at the Cattle Show, the herdsmen wear the yellow, leather breeches. The trouser legs are kept in place over white knitted knee-length socks as decorated suspenders. A red, collarless jacket is worn over the shirt. Around his hips, the herdsman wraps a colourful handkerchief folded into a triangle and on his head, he wears a flat black hat decorated with ribbons and flowers. Some Appenzeller men in traditional costume still smoke the typical «Lendaueli» pipe with its silver decorated lid.