Over two bridges through the Rotbachtobel

This hike offers a variety of attractions all worth seeing. Both children and adults will enjoy the Wonnenstein Monastery, the confluence of the Rotbach and Sitter rivers, a bathing area and a waterfall on this hike.

The starting point of the circular trail is the "Maria Hilf" pilgrimage church in Haslen. After the village square, turn left along a meadow path past various traditional farmhouses. At the edge of the forest near the Auen property, the path branches off and you descend to the confluence of the Sitter and Rotbach rivers, where you reach the idyllic "Strom" bathing area on the border between the cantons of Al and AR. The path leads over the Rotbach and uphill past the prison towards Teufen. After passing the Wonnenstein Capuchin convent (an Innerrhoden exclave), you walk straight ahead and descend along a creatively designed iron staircase path to the Höchfall. There, the water plunges over a more than 20-metre-high stone step into the depths. After climbing back up the steps, you cross under the motorway twice and descend again to the Rotbach stream, this time crossing it. On the other side of the stream - again in Canton AI - the path climbs to Hinterhaslen. At the second junction, turn left, cross the main road and follow it until the path leads through a wooded area to the beautiful wayside shrine of St Wendelin. Haslen is now in sight and straight ahead you reach the starting point.

Tip: Don't forget your swimming and bathing gear!
The detour to the Höchfall is less suitable for dogs due to the iron grating steps.


Places along the route

Haslen – Braunbüel – Auen – Badeplatz Strom – Gmünden – Capuchin Nunnery Wonnenstein – Rotbach – Hinterhaslen – Hüsli – Haslen


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Type of hiking tour

Hiking in the valley


easy, T 2 according to SAC hiking scale


8.89 km


352 m


352 m


2 hours 45 minutes

Starting point / End

Haslen / Haslen

Options to eat along the way

  • Restaurant Krone
  • Restaurant Schäfli
  • Restaurant Linde