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To Äscher and through the Wildkirchli caves

On this moderate hike you can enjoy a delicious meal in the famous Berggasthaus Äscher. Furthermore, you will be able to walk through the spectacular Wildkirchli caves. Finish off your hike by taking the cable car back to the valley. 

After passing St. Martin's church in Schwende the route heads towards Eugst in the west. From here a wide ski trail leads to Alp Bommen and then Gartenwald. At the branching of the path take the left fork. Turn around and enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of Kamor, Hoher Kasten and Alp Sigel. Towards the end you will be able to see the famous Berggasthaus Äscher that clings to the foot of the vertical cliff face of the Ebenalp. Take a well-deserved rest and treat yourself to a delicious plate of rösti. 


After Äscher the route continues on to the Wildkirchli caves. The first cave is the so called Altar Cave, in front of which a tiny 19th century wooden bell tower stands. Thanks to prehistoric findings dating back to the Stone Age the Wildkirchli caves have become world-famous. Skeletons of cave bears and stone tools are evidence that hunters lived here in prehistoric times. Continue through the caves until you reach the top. Take your time to enjoy the impressive panoramic views on the plateau of Ebenalp before taking the cable car back down to the valley.


Locations along the route

Schwende – Triebern – Alp Bommen – Äscher – Wildkirchli – Ebenalp – Wasserauen (Cable car)


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Type of hiking tour

Hiking in the mountain




4.35 km


823 m


72 m


2 hours 30 minutes

Starting point / End

Schwende / Ebenalp