Quöllfrisch light and dark

Quöllfrisch light

Quöllfrisch light is characterised by its mildness and light fruitiness. It is brewed from pure pilsner malt and three different hop varieties from Stammheim and Hallertau.

Goes well with: soups, cold dishes, canapés, pasta, spicy roasts, vegetarian dishes, poultry, soft cheeses, nut and almond desserts


Quöllfrisch dark

The balanced, malty, full-bodied beer with fine roasted flavours from our small world. Here, people still take time for things that have long been lost elsewhere, including time for a dark beer brewed with selected ingredients and spring water from the Alpstein.

Goes well with: spicy roasts, stews and stews, dark meat dishes, blue mould cheese, Camembert, chocolate cake

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