Appenzeller Huus – Huus Löwen

The Huus Löwen is located opposite the Huus Bären. Its «heemelige» (homey) ambience is the ideal setting for family holidays, a seminar weekend or sports and hiking holidays. Take a little time out in the hot tub on the roof of the Huus Löwen and enjoy the spectacular view of the Alps. Chef Peter Prüfer has been working in gourmet kitchens all over the world for over 20 years. With his expertise, he is expanding our fine dining concept at Huus Löwen to include vegetarian and vegan dishes.


Appenzeller Huus – Huus Löwen
Dorfstrasse 29 , 9108 Gonten
Phone +41 71 795 40 10

Opening hours

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Thursday – Sunday
12 am – 2 pm
Wednesday – Saturday
open from 6 pm