«I chenn drei choschtlig Edelstee...» («I know of three precious gemstones»), and these precious gemstones are our three mountain lakes. Charmingly embedded beneath the Alpstein region's rocky walls, they magically reflect the gorgeous landscape.

Yet the Alpstein region offers even more treasures: You can choose anything from a leisurely walk to a strenuous mountain hike on one of our countless hiking trails. You also won't need to tote your provisions with you, since the region's 27 cosy mountain inns are located such that you are certain to pass one along the way. There you can rest and enjoy a delicious plate of «Rösti» (fried potatoes). If you'd prefer to escape the strain of an uphill hike, then simply take a relaxing ride on one of the four aerial cableways.

The gently rolling hills are perfect for valley hikes, where you can choose from a number of themed hiking trails. Do you feel like taking off your shoes and walking barefoot for a while? Our barefoot trail was created especially for this purpose.

Appenzell and the surrounding area is a fantastic recreation destination for anyone who loves the outdoors. Enjoy nature. Discover your very own personal gemstone…

Plan your hike flexibly thanks to the vast route network of Appenzell Railways, PostAuto and PubliCar. Information about public transport as well as timetables can be found under «Arrival».