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Appenzeller Weg Stage 1, Rankweil (A)–Appenzell

The Appenzeller Weg leads across the border from the Vorarlberg pilgrimage site of Rankweil to the Toggenburg monastery village of St. Peterzell. Following old pilgrimage routes, the European Cultural Trail crosses the culturally unique Appenzellerland.

As a European Cultural Trail, the Appenzeller Weg leads pilgrims of St. James from Austria to Switzerland in three daily stages. The route connects the most important Vorarlberg Marian pilgrimage site of Rankweil with the charming monastery village of St. Peterzell in the Neckertal Valley.

Following old pilgrimage routes, the route crosses the Appenzellerland from east to west with varying views. You will discover quiet chapels, large and small rivers, alps, typical farmhouses and hospitable inns. Along the way are the Innerrhoden capital Appenzell and the villages Gonten, Urnäsch and Schönengrund with their typical painted townhouses and many cultural sights.

The Appenzeller Weg runs in a straight line with varied ascents and descents between 400 and 1100 metres above sea level on the pleasant field and forest paths. Almost always in view - but always different: the Alpstein massif. In Vorarlberg, the Appenzeller Trail links up with the Arlberg and Walgau trails leading from Innsbruck.


Stage 1 Rankweil (A)–Appenzell
Between the Rankweil Castle Church and the Oberriet Castle Hill Blatten lie the fertile Rhine plain and the Paspels lake. From Hirschensprung to the village of Appenzell, chapels, wayside shrines and pilgrimage churches line the old pilgrimage route.


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Type of hiking tour

Hiking in the valley




27.00 km


800 m


7 hours 30 minutes

Starting point / End

Rankweil (A) / Appenzell

Options to eat along the way

As well as other inns in Rankweil, Eggerstanden, Steinegg and Appenzell.


Pilgrim hostels
Hostel Maria der Engel Monastery, Appenzell