Barrier-free: Appenzeller Round Trip

The Appenzell region has retained it's original charm, which makes it a particularly appealing area to visit. Time-honoured customs, flourishing agriculture and hospitality also play their part, and the region holds a magnetic attraction for tourists. This route gives you an extensive insight.

The circular route starts at the Appenzeller train station and passes the art museum Appenzell, which preserves the memory of the two Appenzell painters, Carl August Liner (1871-1946) and Carl Walter Liner (1914-1997). The modern building with the jagged silhouette immediately catches the eye. Shortly afterwards, you find yourself in rural surroundings on a comfortable path with magnificent views of verdant meadows, fields and forest.

Here and there along the route, you'll see farmhouses perched on hilltops. Cattle graze peacefully on lush green pastures. This route has little traffic and promises tranquility and relaxation. Colourful flowering meadows and plants line the path and the views of this rural region are enchanting. A little while later, you pass the grand Kurhaus Hof Weissbad.

The path continues through a shaded woodland, where a pretty, covered wooden bridge crosses the Sitter river. The route then turns back into open country and returns to Appenzell. A trip into the village with its famous main street and the painted facades is most definitely worthwhile, displaying the original buildings and regional way of life in their most beautiful facets.


Route description


km 0 – km 4,3

The path from Appenzell station to Weissbad is surfaced. From km3.2 to km4.0, the route leads over an easily negotiable gravel path that is followed by 300m stretch of surfaced path. This stretch is mostly level with the exception of one long uphill and several short downhill stretches. At km2.2 you encounter a 100m uphill section with a 7% gradient and at km2.9 a 40m downhill section with an 8% gradient. At km3.1, the path meets a 30m downhill stretch with a 9% gradient followed by a 25m descent with a 10% gradient and then, at km3.2, a 10m downhill stretch with a 10% gradient. Foto (scroll down)



At km3.5 is a gate that must be opened by an accompanying person (or, if possible, independently). The gate closes at the top with a rope that is at a height of 85cm. The gate opens and shuts very easily. Foto (scroll down)


Hotel Hof Weissbad

Stay on the road at km3.2 to reach Hotel Hof Weissbad after 50m. There is an accessible restaurant and a wheelchair-accessible toilet. The restroom is located on the first floor and reached by lift (door width 90cm; movement area (DxB) 130x95cm. Restroom info: door width 90cm; movement area (DxB) 130x130cm; seat height 44cm; hand grips, left fixed, right moveable; access right; mirror height 100cm; washbasin underside clearance 70cm. Foto (scroll down)


More information on the Hotel Hof Weissbad can be found here.


km 4,3 – km 4,9

This section leads mostly over a weathered forest floor. Here and there, large boulders and roots on the path must be navigated around. At km4.3 is a rainwater channel running diagonally across the path (width 8cm) and at km4.7, you come to the fork of two parallel-running paths. Take the right path, as it has a better quality natural surface. Foto (scroll down)


Barbecue area and public toilets

Directly by the path at km4.4 there is a barbecue pit and next to it a wooden hut with an unsignposted public restroom. It is comparatively large but not equipped with hand grips. There is an 80cm narrow section to overcome before you reach the barbecue pit and toilet. The restroom entrance has a 3.5cm step to negotiate. Restroom info: door width 90cm; movement area (DxB) 110x110cm; seat height 45cm; hand grips, none; access right; mirror height 150cm; washbasin underside clearance 70cm. Foto (scroll down)


Feuerstelle und öffentliches WC, Weissbadstrasse 108, 9050 Appenzell



There is a timber bridge at km4.9. In order to cross it, there is a 1m-long ramp ascent with a 10% gradient and a step (height 3cm) to negotiate. Before the bridge there is a 10m uphill stretch with a gradient of 6% and after the bridge a 10m downhill stretch with a gradient of 6%. Foto (scroll down)


km 4,9 – km 5,2

The 300m from the bridge to km5.2 lead over a natural surface. At km5.0 is a 10m uphill section with a 10% gradient followed by a 10m downhill section with 10% gradient. At km5.2 you meet a 15m uphill section with a 10% gradient. Foto (scroll down)


km 5,2 – km 7,4

From the level crossing (rail width: 6.5cm) at km5.3 to km6.3, the route leads over a level gravel path. The rest of this section is completely surfaced and level. At km6.7 is a 10m downhill stretch with a 12% gradient and at km6.9 a 40m uphill stretch with a 10% gradient. Foto (scroll down)


Outdoor pool Appenzell

A small bridge at km5.8 leads directly to the Appenzell outdoor swimming pool, which has an accessible bistro with a wheelchair-accessible changing room and toilet. Please ask for the key to the changing room at the desk. Restroom info: door width 75cm; movement area (DxB) 100x160cm; seat height 48cm; hand grips, left fixed, right moveable; access right; mirror height 110cm; washbasin underside clearance 70cm. Foto (scroll down)


More information of the outdoor pool in Appenzell can be found here.


Eurokey toilet Brauerei car park

There is a Eurokey toilet at the north side of the Brauerei (brewery) car park. Restroom info: door width 90cm; movement area (DxB) 270x90cm; seat height 44cm; hand grips, left moveable, right fixed; access right; mirror height 110cm; washbasin underside clearance 70cm. Foto (scroll down)


Eurokey WC Brauereiparkplatz, Brauereiplatz, 9050 Appenzell


Barrier-free arrival and departure/ public transportation

The train station in Appenzell can be reached by train via St. Gallen. The way Gossau SG - Appenzell is not suitable for wheelchairs. For the journey with the Appenzeller Bahnen a registration with the SBB Callcenter is necessary as the Perrons in St. Gallen and Appenzell need to be adjusted beforehand. Personnel will be there to help with a ramp for you to get off and on board. 


Eurokey toilet at the train station in Appenzell

There is a Eurokey toilet at Appenzell railway station. The toilet is located at the back of the building and can be reached via a 20m-long ramp with 12% downhill gradient. You need to pass through the bicycle cellar to reach the toilets. Toilet info: door width 78cm; movement area (DxB) 120x90cm; seat height 44cm; hand grips, left none, right moveable; access left; mirror height 130cm; washbasin underside clearance 70cm.

Bicycle cellar opening hours: Mon - Fri 04.30 am - 07.30 pm, Sat - Sun 05.30 am - 07.30 pm.


Wheelchair-suitable parking spaces

Next to the Brauerei (brewery), there are wheelchair-suitable parking spaces as well as at the Landsgemeineplatz (main square). At the train station Appenzell there are large parking spaces as well. However, these are not specifically marked as being suitable for wheelchairs.


Appenzellerland Tourismus AI
Hauptgasse 38, 9050 Appenzell
Phone +41 71 788 96 41



Type of hiking tour

Obstacle-free routes


moderate (for people in a wheelchair)


8.00 km


90 m


90 m


2 hours

Starting point / End

Appenzell, train station / Appenzell, train station