Appenzell – Studen – Sammelplatz

A panoramic winter hike with a spectacular view over the village of Appenzell and the southern Alpstein chain. 

The route follows the Sitter Stream from the so-called Metzibrücke bridge near the Brauereiplatz (brewery) via the indoor pool all the way to Mettlen. It then follows along the southern side of Appenzell, soon after leaving the last houses of the Lehn neighbourhood behind. Continue on the little frequented country road. Along the way, you will come across multiple red benches that are perfect for a short breather. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy rays of sunshine the entire time, as you will be hiking along the sunny side of Appenzell. Whilst you make your way to Sammelplatz a spectacular view of Appenzell and the mountains opens up, making it all worthwhile.

Tip: The idyllic Maria zur Sonne Chapel. It is usually open and definitely worth having a look inside. 


Places along the route

Appenzell – Studen – Sammelplatz


Appenzellerland Tourismus AI
Hauptgasse 4, 9050 Appenzell
Phone +41 71 788 96 41



Type of tour

Winter hiking, however, the route is just as beautiful without snow


4.60 km


179 m


34 m


1 hour 30 minutes

Starting point / End

Brauereiplatz (brewery) Appenzell / Train stop Sammelplatz

Options to eat along the way

  • Multiple in Appenzell