Kronberg Round Trip

A magnificent panoramic round trip 1663 metres above sea level.

The Kronberg Round Trip is groomed in winter and offers the ideal opportunity to escape the fog. Enjoy the sun at 1663 metres above sea level with the snowy backdrop of the surrounding mountains. The entrance to the round trip is directly at the mountain station of the Jakobsbad - Kronberg cable car. Around 500 metres long and 2 metres wide, the path is perfect for a relaxed stroll out in the fresh mountain air, suitable for guests of all ages. At three selected locations, special vantage points have been set up from where the view into the distance encounters a wide variety of landscapes: towards the south-east, for example, the most northern Alpstein massif chain dominates with Säntis, Öhrli and Schäfler; towards the north, the low-lying countryside stretches all the way to Lake Constance.

Tip: In addition to the benches, the snow is also removed from the sun loungers which are perfect for a midday nap or sunbathing.

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Jakobsbad-Kronberg Cableway AG
9108 Jakobsbad
Phone +41 71 794 12 89 , Fax +41 71 794 16 13



Type of tour

Winter hike (groomed, marked)




0.50 km


30 m


30 m


25 minutes

Starting point / End

Berggasthaus Kronberg (mountain inn) / Berggasthaus Kronberg (mountain inn)

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