Plattenbödeli Round Trip

A wonderful tour for hikers through a tranquil landscape with a steep ascent, gentle middle part and a optional fun finish.

From the church in Brülisau, the trail leads through the flat area «Pfannenstiel». Continue up the steep trail through the shaded forest up to the Berggasthaus Plattenbödeli (mountain inn). About halfway up you will pass the so-called «Häxewäldli», a forest with dwarf firs. After having a bite to eat at the mountain inn the trail continues through a forest to the Alp Soll. Soon after you will reach the Berggasthaus Ruhesitz (mountain inn). From there you will walk down to Brülisau accompanied by the spectacular panoramic views of the Alpstein massif.

Places along the route
Brülisau – Brüeltobel – Plattenbödeli – Alp Soll – Ruhesitz – Brülisau

Tip 1: At the Ruhesitz mountain inn, you can rent a sled and take it down to Brülisau. Those of you who decide to go on foot will be rewarded with the afternoon sun.

Tip 2: When the weather is nice both mountain inns are usually open. See their websites for additional information: und

Current conditions

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Berggasthaus Plattenbödeli
Manuela Sager & Alois Inauen
9058 Brülisau
Phone +41 71 799 11 52
Berggasthaus Ruhesitz
Family Evelyne und Hans Manser
9058 Brülisau
Phone +41 71 799 11 67



Type of tour

Winter hike (groomed, marked)




8.60 km


471 m


471 m


3 hours 30 minutes

Starting point / End

Brülisau / Brülisau