Boiled sausage

The Appenzeller Siedwurst is one of the highlights of traditional local cuisine and is an official meal of the local community. The selected mixture of spices according to a secret recipe and the subtle aroma of caraway give it its special taste. Its even, smooth surface is slightly shiny, and the wooden skewers at the ends allow even the layman to immediately recognize the difference from bratwurst. In the past, the light-colored boiled sausage made from beef, pork and bacon was traditionally served with potato salad. Today, Siedwurst is also served with Chäshörnli and is an integral part of households and restaurant menus.


Leave to infuse for 20 minutes in water heated to 70 degrees



  • Appenzell cheese macarons with boiled sausage
  • Appenzeller Siedwurststrudel, Appenzell boiled sausage strudel
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