Eggs Free range

At the Rütihof, high above the hills of Schlatt and Haslen, around 17,800 brown and white-feathered laying hens cluck on the spacious grounds. The chickens want for nothing here: an outdoor climate area, sand baths and shade as well as an open-air pasture are all part of the Rütihof.

Rolf Inauen supplies around 70 percent of the eggs to Migros under the label "From the region. For the region" label to Migros. But Rütihof eggs are also supplied to restaurants and retailers.



  • Appenzeller Käsefladen, Appenzeller Cheesecake
  • Appenzeller Käse-Kartoffel-Wähe, Appenzeller cheese and potato tart
  • Appenzeller Siedwurststrudel, Appenzell «siedwurst» strudel
  • Gefüllte Kalbsschnitzel nach Appenzeller Art, Appenzell-style stuffed veal schnitzel
  • Appenzeller Biberfladenparfait, appenzeller gingerbread cake
  • Quarkfladen, Quark pancakes
  • Rahmlikörsoufflé, Cream liqueur soufflé
  • Cinnamon flatbread