Appenzeller cheese

Appenzeller Käse offers cheese lovers an extensive range. All products have an unmistakably tangy taste in common. This is thanks to the secret herbal brine and the careful care of each individual wheel of cheese. Even today, this is still done in the traditional way, according to a craft dating back over 700 years.



  • treated for at least 3 months with the herbal brine
  • made from natural, strong raw milk
  • silver label

Appenzeller onion soup au gratin

Appenzeller cheese and potato tart

Appenzell-style stuffed veal schnitzel

Cheese «Schoope»

Strong and spicy

  • four to five months storage
  • golden label


Appenzell cheese fondue

Appenzeller cheese pancakes

Extra spicy

  • Guaranteed to be stored for six months
  • after 5½ months of maturing, experts select only the best cheeses from among the good ones
    black and gold label


Appenzell cheese fondue

Appenzeller Sennenrösti

Appenzeller sausage strudel

1/4-fat Räss cheese

  • six to eight months storage time
  • Melty, pithy to crumbly, dry dough
  • unmistakably tart taste
  • silvery-brown label


Cheese «Schoope» 


  • Spicy and balanced in character
  • with delicate ripe crystals and yet creamy and round on the tongue
  • aged for nine months with the herbal infusion
  • violet-golden label