From lush meadows through barren karst up to theSäntis

Hiking tip to the Berggasthaus Tierwis (mountain inn).

The tour starts on Schwägalp. You will walk through meadows, alpine terrain and short forest trails until the route slowly starts to go upward. Soon after you will find yourself in the barren alpine world. From here on out the hike will ascend more steeply until you reach the Berggasthaus Tierwis (mountain inn). Enjoy the spectacular view from up above. Before reaching the mountain inn, a short detour to the Silberplatten is definitetly worthwhile. For the last stage, you will have to hike towards the Girensattel. If you look above you, you will see the Säntis Cableway. The final ascent via the so-called «Himmelsleiter» (sky ladder) leads to the summit. Finally, you will have reached the top. Take a breather before heading back down to Schwägalp with the cableway.


Places along the route

Schwägalp – Dunkelboden – Bumoos – Ober Hofeld – Stosssattel – Silberplatten – Tierwis – Säntis


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Type of hiking tour

Hiking in the mountain




11.77 km


1684 m


566 m


6 hours 15 minutes

Starting point / End

Schwägalp / Säntis