Two-Day Summit Tour to Säntis

From Wasserauen hike via Hütten and Schrennen to Meglisalp, a special place in the middle of the Alpstein. Continue upward past the idyllic Oberchellen-Seeli toward the Rotsteinpass. An exhilarating and not to underestimate ridge hike leads you to Säntis over the famous Lisengrat. Let yourself be spoilt in the Berggasthaus Alter Säntis (mountain inn), once you have reached the summit. Additionally, you will be able to see 6 different countries from up above. Full of content, you will be able to fall asleep in one of the cosy rooms without a doubt.

The following day, start your hike by descending the so-called «Himmelsleiter» (sky ladder) to Karrenfelder and down to the Höchnider-Sattel. To your left, you will see the Öhrli mountain. Shortly after you will reach the Schäfler. Via Alp Chlus and Ebenalp, you will get to the Wildkirchli Caves and then to Äscher. Continue through the forest and the Alp Bommen to get back to Wasserauen.


Places along the route

Wasserauen – Hütten – Schrennenweg – Meglisalp – Rotsteinpass – Lisengrat – Säntis – Höchnideri – Öhrligrueb – Schäfler – Alp Chlus – Ebenalp – Wildkirchli – Äscher – Alp Bommen – Wasserauen


Hiking time per day
1st day: 6 hours
2nd day: 5 hours


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Type of hiking tour

Hiking in the mountain




24.23 km


2225 m


2227 m


11 hours

Starting point / End

Wasserauen / Wasserauen