The mountain lakes of the Alpstein

Three lakes hike.

Starting from Wasserauen, after a walk along the Schwendibach river and a short climb up a paved road, Seealpsee will be the first lake you encounter. It is famous for its idyllic location, clean water and its two mountain inns. Thereofore Seealpsee is one of the most popular destinations in the Alpstein massif. At the end of the lake the hike heads left up to the captivating little herdsman's village on Meglisalp. The path then continues up a steep way to Widderalpsattel and then down to Widderalp. Surrounded by the steep cliffs of Hundstein in the north, the so called Altmann to the west and the Kreuzberg mountains to the south, are the nearly pitch-black waters of Fählensee lake. The next and final lake, Sämtisersee, is an easy walk down the valley. Both the Fählensee and the Sämtisersee flow undergrounf and do not reappear until they reach the Rhine valley. From Sämtisersee lake the hike continues uphill but descends quickly through the mystical Brüeltobel all the way to Brülisau, the final destination.


Locations along the route

Wasserauen – Seealpsee – Meglisalp – Widderalpsattel – Fählensee – Sämtisersee – Brülisau


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Type of hiking tour

Hiking in the mountain




17.62 km


1194 m


1142 m


6 hours 45 minutes

Starting point / End

Wasserauen, Bahnhof / Brülisau