Alp Rheintaler Sämtis

The Rheintalter Sämtis alp is located near the well-known mountain lakes, Sämtisersee and Fählensee. Let yourself in for a unique experience and get closer to nature again. The perfect start to the day is not only provided by the breathtaking scenery, but also by the traditional breakfast.

Children from 1 to 8 years   CHF 25.–
Children from 9 to 16 years   CHF 40.–
Adults   CHF 50.–


Alp Rheintalersämtis
Mr Werner Büchler-Streule
Bisern, 9126 Necker
Phone +41 71 787 27 88
Mobile +41 79 737 91 25

Opening hours

Open June to September