Kloster Maria der Engel

For over 400 years, the convent of Maria der Engel was an important spiritual center for Appenzell and a place of education for generations of girls. Since the departure of the last sisters, a foundation has been running the convent, including a guesthouse and a convent store.

Whoever enters the buildings today senses the atmosphere of cultivated silence and prayer. This spirit and the simple beauty of the house invite you to pause and reflect. When you spend the night in a former sister's room, you sense how little it takes to live - according to the motto "Enough of too much" ... a special experience. The monastery of Appenzell is a station on the Way of St. James and the Jersualemweg. For pilgrims we offer 6 specially furnished pilgrim rooms. In addition to pilgrims on the Way of St. James, we also welcome guests who are looking for contemplative peace away from the hustle and bustle in a spiritually unique building.

The quiet, simple hostel has 19 rooms in three categories. Wet rooms are located on the floor in all of them. Bedding and towels are provided. On request rich breakfast per person: CHF 10._.

Furthermore, there is a seminar room and a group room for 8 - 50 people.


Kloster Maria der Engel
Poststrasse 7 , 9050 Appenzell
Phone +41 71 787 18 45