Corpus Christi


Thursday, 10 days after Pentecost, morning


Appenzell and Gonten, smaller processions in other Innerrhoder communities

Corpus Christi officially honours the Sacrament of the Altar – the Eucharist. In the famous procession, the joy of the residents of Innerrhoden is particularly evident in their festive, colourful marches. The large parade of women in their traditional regional or festive costumes is quite impressive. Characterised by unrivalled grandeur and festive elegance, these dresses consist of an ankle-length, block-coloured skirt known as a «Fältlirock», which is made of the finest wool, and the ornate long-sleeved "Schlotte", an overdress to the bodice. The female members of the St. Johannesverein, the holders of secrets or «Täfelimeedle», stand out in particular among the religious communities. For several hundred years, fifteen virgins have carried small painted wooden blocks with the secrets of the joyous, painful and glorious rosary. They wear the pretty traditional virgin's costume.