«Chlausezüüg» (Pyramid of Christmas Sweets)

The «Chlausezüüg» adorns every Christmassy living room in Appenzell Innerrhoden and is a tradition older than the Christmas tree.

Originally this was a pyramid made of baked goods known as «Fileringe» and «Filebrote» (baked dough rings and bread), onto which «Chlausebickli» – colourful, hand-painted pieces of gingerbread – were attached with wooden nails. Even to this day, the «Bickli» are popular gifts for godchildren and grandchildren during Advent.

Today the «Chlausebickli Züüg» (goodies decorating the pyramid) are attached to a wooden frame with six sides, which tapers out at the top. The pyramid is erected in a milk bowl, which is filled with dried pears and nuts. Red apples and beautifully painted «Devisli» (decorative images made of a white sugar dough) are also part of the «Chlausezüüg». A small Christmas tree is placed atop the pyramid.


Appenzell Innerrhoden


Advent and Christmas time