«Alpstobede» (festivities)


Different alps and mountain inns


In the middle of the alpine summerTi

Usually the «worldly» part of the festivities is preceded by an alpine church service, which is held either in a mountain chapel or in the open air. Afterwards, music, singing and dancing provide amusement for everyone.

The so-called «Hierig» is an absolute must in any round of dancing. In this couple's dance the pair in costume dances to a traditional melody, which represents the ups and downs of a relationship in pantomime style. At one point the fists even go up, but by the end the couple finally reconciles with an intimate kiss.

In addition to the alpine herdsmen from the surrounding area, who usually wear their traditional costumes, the popular «Alpstobede» festivals are also quite popular with farmers from the valley and colourful flocks of mountaineers.

In the middle of the alpine summer, several larger alps play host to «Alpstobede» festivities, which are held partly in the open air. In places where a mountain inn is nearby, the festivities are moved indoors should the weather become unpleasant. It is also common to have evenings of music and dancing at an inn.

«Stobede» festivities in the Alpstein region

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