Appenzeller delicacies


«Biber» (Gingerbread)

Appenzeller «Biber» is a gingerbread made from honey dough and filled with a light almond paste (marzipan). The bakeries make the «Biber» in various shapes and sizes, which display different designs from the Appenzell region.


«Landsgmendchröm, Chrempfli» (Hazelnut Turnovers)

«Chrempfli» (turnovers) are a seasonal speciality that is strongly associated with the Landsgemeinde (open-air assembly). Men used to bring home a package of «chrempfli» for their wives and children from the open-air assembly. These delicious pastries are made from a sugar and egg dough (similar to aniseed biscuits, but without the aniseed) with a hazelnut filling. The biscuits are eaten as a snack with tea or coffee, or as a dessert.


«Chäsflade» (Cheese Tart)

The famous «Chäsflade» from Appenzell was once a by-product of bread production, which is why it is still made from bread dough and not a short pastry. The «Chäsflade» is topped with a mixture of Appenzeller cheese, anise and milk, and then baked.


«Mostbröckli» (Marinated Beef)

Appenzeller Mostbröckli is made from select cuts of beef loin, which are marinated in spices and then gently smoked. This delicacy is best served in thin slices with bread and a glass of fruit wine or a fine red wine.


«Siedwurst» («Boiled Sausage»)

A typical Appenzeller «Siedwurst» is a boiled sausage predominately made of beef. The select blend of spices with a caraway and garlic aroma gives the sausage its special flavour. These sausages go really well with famous «Appenzeller Chäsmaggerone» (cheesy noodles and potatoes) or potato salad.


Appenzeller Cheese

Appenzeller cheese  is a semi-hard cheese known for its distinctive, spicy aroma and fine consistency. During the ageing process the cheese is regularly rubbed with a herbal brine, which gives the cheese its unmistakable taste. The cheese is among others available in Appenzeller CLASSIC, SURCHOIX and EXTRA, which vary according to the length of ageing and thus have different flavour intensities.


Appenzeller Alpenbitter

Over one hundred years ago, Emil Ebneter founded his own off-licence in Appenzell, thus laying the foundation for the company that today is Appenzeller Alpenbitter . The herbal liqueur by the same name is the country’s most important brand, enjoying nearly 100% brand recognition and distribution in Switzerland.


Appenzeller Bier (Beer)

The Locher family has been brewing Appenzeller Bier at Brauerei Locher AG  in Appenzell for five generations. The beers are still made by hand and in accordance with methods handed down through the generations, with special attention paid to the raw materials. Brauerei Locher is famous for its beer specialties as well as traditional beers. Because of its innovative speciality beers in particular, Appenzeller Bier has made a name for itself far beyond the region.


Appenzeller Mineral

Appenzeller Mineral was first bottled in Gontenbad in 1930. In 1999, Gabriela Manser took over as the third generation to run one of the smallest mineral water production companies in Switzerland. Under the brand-name Goba AG - Mineralquelle und Manufaktur  produces various sweetened water beverages in addition to the mineral water. The flauder line has been quite a success. Over the years the company also established its own liqueur production as a side venture.


Innerrhoder Wein (Wine)

The grapes for this unique wine are grown at a small vineyard in Oberegg in Appenzell Innerrhoden. The "Innerrhoder Wy" (Innerrhoden Wine), a Riesling x Sylvaner. It has a delicately fruity bouquet and is tangy on the palate.